Welcome to District 30 Pre-K Centers located in Queens, New York.


New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Pre-K Centers: Unique learning environments dedicated exclusively to pre-K students and led and operated by NYCDOE staff. Pre-K Centers are located either in existing district school buildings or standalone new NYCDOE sites.


District 30 Pre-K Centers strive to create a nurturing and comprehensive learning environment for all children. We value the uniqueness of the individual child, and provide developmentally appropriate experiences throughout the child's day based on the NYS Pre-K Foundation to the common core (PKFCC) and each child's individual needs. In collaboration with our parents and community, we will enable active learners to achieve their fullest potential by providing them the tools  necessary for social-emotional growth while building a strong foundation in early literacy, math and inquiry skills.

Dr. Philip A. Composto

Superintendent, District 30


Suzan H. Goldstein


District 30 Pre-K Centers


Anne Hogan

Assistant Principal


Marie Turini

Assistant Principal

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe, accepting and caring environment for all children.

  • Assist each child to grow to their fullest potential by recognizing each stage of development and design and environment (i.e. curriculum, facilities, and staff) to nurture and facilitate growth during each stage.

  • Help children develop and use their problem solving skills.

  • Encourage and build self-confidence and self-esteem through a variety of learning activities.

  • Contribute to the development of physical growth, creativity, self-concept, social awareness and intellectual curiosity in children.

  • Assist parents in understanding the developmental stages of their child, enabling them to contribute most effectively to the child’s growth and enrichment.

  • Encourage and develop new friendships.


Now Available

at the PreK Center at 3252 37th Street

and the PreK Center at 96-10 23rd Avenue

Dual Language

The goal of Dual Language (DL) instruction is to enable children to become bi-literate (not just bi-lingual) over the course of their education.  Screened and selected children are supported in their development of both English and Spanish languages.


The program supports children whose home language is Spanish, as well as English-speaking children who are interested in learning a second language. Half of the students selected will be those with a home language of Spanish, and half from whose home language is English.


Programas de lenguaje dual (DL) proporcionan instrucción en dos idiomas: inglés y el idioma materno, como español, chino o francés, entre otros. El objetivo es que todos los niños sean bilingües en el curso de su educación. Estos programas apoyan a los niños cuya lengua materna no es el inglés, y también a los niños cuya lengua materna es inglés  y que están interesados ​​en aprender un segundo idioma. A través de interacciones, apoyo y la enseñanza, los niños desarrollaran dos idiomas.

En las clases de idioma dual, el idioma hablado en el hogar y el inglés se utilizan igualmente.

La lengua materna de los niños se utilizará para dar prioridad a los solicitantes.

Benefits of Dual Language for the Individual:


  • Higher academic performance

  • More likely to acquire a 3rd or 4th language

  • Better intergroup relations

  • More job opportunities

  • Increased career progress

  • Higher salary

  • Delay of certain brain diseases

  • Cognitive advantages

Beneficios del lenguaje dual para las personas


  • Un mayor rendimiento académico

  • Más probabilidades de adquirir una tercera o cuarta lengua

  • Mejores relaciones intergrupales

  • Más oportunidades de empleo

  • Aumenta el progreso profesional

  • Salario más alto

  • Retraso de ciertas enfermedades cerebrales

  • Ventaja cognitiva