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Our Dual Language Program 

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The goal of Dual Language (DL) instruction is to enable children to become bi-literate as well as bilingual over the course of their education. Screened and selected, children are supported in the development of both the English and Spanish languages.


The program supports children whose home language is Spanish, as well as English-speaking children who are interested in learning a second language. Half of the students selected will be those with a home language of Spanish, and half from whose home language is English.

Our dual language program comprises of a spiraling curriculum. One full day is taught in the first language, and the next full day is taught in the opposing language, and so on. For instance, if Lesson 1 is done on Monday in English, Lesson 2 will continue on Tuesday in Spanish, followed by Lesson 3 on Wednesday in English, and so on.

Our Dual Language Program is currently being offered for Pre-K students only at our Q389 (East Elmhurst location) and Q397 (Astoria location).

Click here to learn more about the benefits of a Dual Language education for your child!

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