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I just wanted to send you a Thank you note for all the work and positive vibes you have been sending to our kids this week! It has been much needed during this time of uncertainty and immense transition. While kids are still little, they definitely pick up on the fact that something of big magnitude is happening right now. 


Maya has been so happy to see you on Tuesday and today when you read a book via video. She kept giggling when I shared your comments about her work and I see they made her smile on the inside. 


I learned something new today too! When watching you read a book to the kids, I noticed a certain way you probed them about the book and asked thought provoking questions - definitely excited to keep practicing this technique with the girls! 


Have a good weekend and stay safe! 


On the first day of the Puppetry in Practice residency, Pre-K students participated in an interactive puppet show of Apartment for Rent. In subsequent lessons, children created a tree house apartment along with a variety of puppet residents for the house. The tree house became a permanent installation in each classroom and served as a stage for the puppets created. New characters were created and students were encouraged to change the storylines through their dramatic puppet play. Individual units from the school's curriculum were implemented during the course of the residency, allowing the dramatic play to serve as a way for students to deepen their connection to each unit of study. Children explored various art materials as they created different types of puppets. Additionally, mathematics skills were incorporated as children learn patterns, the properties of materials, special relations, shapes, and symmetry.

The program connects to early childhood Benchmarks in the Blueprint for the Visual Arts (Art Making: Theater sets and puppets) and for Theater (Theater Making: Group activities, including creative play, storytelling, pantomime, and improvisation). Through sequential activities, students begin to understand the process of moving from design to creation of production elements. Students extend their understanding of theater by connecting it to learning in other disciplines. Additionally, students' level of engagement--in terms of socializing and language development with one another, with the teacher and with the teaching artist--all increased and improved.

The greatest challenges of the program were to effectively cover all the units of the study within the time frame of the artist's visits. It was important to the school that this collaboration with Puppetry in Practice link to our curriculum in order to reinforce the learning goals for our students. To resolve this challenge, several planning sessions between the teacher and the teaching artist were implemented in order to address specific areas of study within the unit that the teachers felt should be further reinforced. This allowed the teachers an opportunity to collaborate with the artist and to include his lessons into their own. We also scheduled a series of Parent Engagement workshops in order to promote continued learning through the arts at home by giving parents hands-on, extension activities to use as a follow-up to the classroom learning. Parent Engagement workshops were conducted in both English and Spanish.

Please find attached the lesson plans for Apartment for Rent from Puppetry in Practice.

Puppetry in Practice

Dear Ms. Cerff,


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Delegate Assembly, and membership of the New York State Association for Bilingual Education (NYSABE), I am writing this letter to thank you and congratulate you for hosting a Pre-K school visit at Z070 Pre-K Center, District 30, NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE), on March 25, 2019. Your leadership and excellent work in coordinating the Pre-K school visit of NYSABE Peruvian members allowed them to have an enriching and inspiring experience. The visitors, who had previously attended NYSABE’s 42nd Annual Conference on March 21-23, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza-White Plains Downtown Hotel in White Plains, NY, were quite impressed with Z070 Pre-K Center’s staff and dual language educational program.


One of the main goals of NYSABE is to promote the educational advancement of Pre-K/Early Childhood multilingual learners through quality, research-based professional development. School visitations are one avenue by which we accomplish this. Consequently, NYSABE collaborates extensively with educational entities such as the NYC DOE that share its mission and goals.


We are very pleased with the appreciation and congratulatory feedback expressed by the NYSABE Peruvian members who attended our annual conference and participated in the visitations of NYC DOE Pre-K/early childhood programs, and part of our success can be attributed to you. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without your outstanding leadership skills, dedication, and coordination of class presentations. The visit inspired a strong spirit of collaboration and sharing, a clear sense of mission, as well as enthusiasm and commitment to excellence among the guests and the hosting team at Z070 Pre-K Center.


As we continue our quest to improve the education of early childhood multilingual learners worldwide through the enhancement of knowledge and skills of their educational communities, we look forward to maintaining and strengthening our collaborative partnership with the NYC DOE’s Z070 Pre-K Center, District 30. On behalf of our students, their families, and educators, thank you again for your unfailing support of NYSABE’s mission.


Nancy Villarreal de Adler Nancy Villarreal de Adler Executive Director, NYSABE

Dear Dual Language Team,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for our son Pavel. Everyday he is so excited to go to school. We are so pleased to hear his vocabulary in English and Spanish. We understand your hard work and dedication. We can't thank you enough. This first experience for Pavel has been incredible.

Fondly, the Valdez Family

I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. My son Jayden Reinertsen passed the Gifted and Talented exam and based on his scores, he was placed in the 99th percentile. Thanks a million!

Monica Moscoso

Dear Superintendent Dr. Philip A. Composto,

I am the parent of Eva Sgorbati and PAC President for District 30 Pre-K Center, P.S. 389. We met during the public hearing for the re-site of P.S. 255. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, addressing my concerns, and for following up with Ms. Cerff. It is always nice to know that there are people who are willing to listen. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Ms. Cerff for her direction of the District 30 Pre-K Center, and in recognition of Eva's teacher Amy Kaur, and the teachers assistant Amy Ng-Yu.

District 30 Pre-K Center, P.S. 389, provided an important introduction and meaningful foundation for my daughters education. Ms. Kaur and Ms. Yu, under the direction of Ms. Cerff, created in their classroom an active learning environment grounded in mutual respect between teacher and student and in the initial early bond between student and learning. The care that they have shown to my daughter, and to all of their students, was a welcomed and profound experience not only for Eva, but for her mother and myself as well. Witnessing the participation of other parents during parent activities, I would offer that these thoughts are well shared.

From the day that we first brought Eva to school, we intuitively understood that she was in a truly special classroom. Through subsequent parent/teacher conferences with Ms. Kaur we realized that this environment was fostered through her initiative and planning, her wealth of knowledge about early childhood development and its real-world implementation, and through a heartfelt kindness and honest concern for her students. These qualities are shared with, and well complimented by, Ms. Yu. Ms. Yu often says that they "treat their students like they do their own children." I hope that their children are so lucky. Along with other teachers and staff at the school, I do not hink that we could have asked for a better team with whom to begin this stage in our daughter's life. Or better said by Eva, who often tells me, " I love my teachers."

As parents, we also understand that this is not a given. Considering the vast number of students and teachers within the Department of Education, to have this experience, at this particular school, with these particular teachers, it seems- from a parents point of view- a model to be understood and emulated. While I do understand that the curriculum is in many ways set by the Department of Education, there seems something special that Ms. Cerff has created at our District 30 Pre- K Center. Being a relitively new initiative, I would hope that the Pre-K for All program is always striving to look for ways to better serve the needs of the children. I would also hope that this process begins first with teachers, and there is no better place to start than with Ms. Kaur and Ms. Yu.

Thank you for providing the support for such a wonderful school, its administrators and staff, its teachers, and students.

Seth Sgorbati

Since the Pre-K center was a new concept we did not know what to expect. We were extremely pleased with the entire experience. Jacob thrived both educationally and personally this past year. It was great to see how much he learned and enjoyed school. We were so happy with all the teachers and administration of the center Jacob attended.

Kadie Black

Thank you for all the social-emotional work you do in class. It has helped my son become more self aware and better at evaluating positive and negative behaviors in himself and others. He can now recognize moods he doesn't like-loud, angry, physically rough-and distance himself from them. We really appreciate your expertise in cultivating his character.

Evan O'Neil

I would like to thank all the Pre-K staff for all they have done for my daughter this year. I am very happy for the progress that my child has made throughout the school year.  I am confident that with this years scholastic experience she is ready to tackle the many obstacles that kindergarten may bring.  I would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Peralta and Mrs. Castillo.  They have not only done an excellent job preparing my daughter scholastically but they have also touched her heart, by treating my child like if she was their very own.  Thanks to these two beautiful ladies my daughter was extremely happy and eager to go to school everyday.  I am grateful and recommend this pre-kindergarten program and its staff   to all those parents looking for a great Pre-K experience for their children.

Nadya Huerta

We really appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of the teachers of the District 30 Pre-K Centers. Our daughter entered the class from April to June, just after we moved to NY from Japan. At first, she did not understand English at all, but the teachers helped her understanding gently and continuously. Even in such a short period, she could get used to the class very well and make good friends, thanks to the careful consideration of the teachers.

Yuki Himoto

I am so happy that Dylan was part of the inaugural pre-k class. The class has made a big difference in his social skills and behavior. He has learned to use the potty and doesn't throw tantrums anymore. He knows his alphabet and plenty of nursery rhymes. He loves to sing. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the children.

Diana Gracia

My son had the privilege of attending pre-k at P.S. 389, a NYCDOE District 30 Pre K center located at 96-10 23rd Avenue. We were delighted to be a part of the center's first school year. I especially liked that the center caters only to preschoolers and felt that it made the whole experience more intimate and less overwhelming for my child who has never attended school or daycare before. I always found the center and its surrounding areas to be clean, safe and orderly. My son especially enjoyed the playground area located at the rear of the school.

The classrooms were all spacious and designed specifically for small children. They contained many different centers which encouraged all types of learning and play. Each room had a teacher and a assistant teacher.  My sons' teacher and assistant teacher were wonderful. We maintained an open, communicative relationship at all times. I always felt informed of my child's progress and knew that I could discuss anything with them. They both have calm and patient natures that put the children and parents at ease. My son was very happy in their class and learned a lot throughout the year.

We found all the staff to be friendly and accommodating.The site coordinator greeted every student by name and always had a smile on her face and something positive to say. Her artwork and ideas were so creative and original. She put great effort into exposing the children to the arts. The assistant principal is a sincere, caring and very hands-on AP who made it her priority to give all the students a wonderful environment to learn and grow.

The entire experience was a wonderful introduction to school and early education. I am confident that my son is ready for kindergarten and that is due to this amazing center and staff. I was so impressed with how well the center was run and the level of teamwork shared between all the staff members. I felt that my child was supported, encouraged and educated by everyone.

I would and do highly recommend the pre-k center at PS 389 to any parent. I truly believe that it is a great place for children to begin their education and prepare them for kindergarten.

Melinda Berney

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