1. Racism Can Affect Your Mental Health From As Early As Childhood 


2. CNN and Sesame Street Town Hall Present- Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism    


3. Skin Again by Bell Hooks (YouTube Read Aloud) 


4. I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown (YouTube Read Aloud) 


5. 30 Children's Books About Diversity 



7. Talking to kids about the Coronavirus

8. Stress Management Parent Workshop

9. Covid-19 Books for Kids

10. Early Childhood Online Resources

11. 2021-2022 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

12. 2021-2022 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom (Spanish)

13. CoronaVirus Slide for Kids

14. CoronaVirus Slide for Kids (Spanish)


15. Webinar - Bracing for COVID-19: What Early Childhood Programs Need to Know and Consider Now, by Julie Looper Coats, M.A., Jessica Rose-Malm, M.A. and Tom Copeland


16. Webinar - Executive Function and Challenging Behavior: A New Approach





19.  (A different arts focus each week)    


20.  (Learn about weather science at home with Owlie Stormwarn)




22. (Learn African Dance - involves counting & direction)


23. (Masala Bhangra for kids - Just a 2 minute clip)   


24. NYU Science Initiative   

25. Healthy at Home! - Ready Rosie