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Blue Skies

Welcome to the District 30 3K/Pre-K Centers

located in Queens, New York!


Together is better, together as one!

Our Instructional Focus

Our goal is to create a culture of high expectations for our students in an equitable and mindful environment that allows for creativity, exploration, and interactions that ensures equity of voice. Using data, which includes, ASQ:SE-2, ASQ-3, Teaching Strategies Gold, CLASS, ECERS-3, formal and informal observations, and authentic student work we drive our instruction to meet our students' individualized needs.

Our Equity Statement

At the 3K/Pre-K centers, all stakeholders believe that students can learn in their individual learning styles and needs in a safe and nurturing environment. We are committed to learning and growing in a school community about one another's individual customs, stories, experiences at home and in school. We believe in educating our community to have empathy for others while appreciating and respecting each other's differences. Through active listening, communication, and teamwork, we would like all individuals to understand and see themselves as contributing members to our school community. We celebrate and learn through one another.

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